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Volumetric filmmaking suite

The RGBDToolkit is a workflow for filmmaking with Kinect and SLR to create a unique form of hybrid 3D and video. The tool enables capturing data streams from the device, mapping HD video into the depth data and rendering visualization video.

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Extension aggregator for openFrameworks
Collaboration with Greg Borenstein and James Hughes

ofxAddons scrapes to find openFrameworks extensions created by users in the wild and collects them into a single page website.

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Sequence controls for openFrameworks

ofxTimeline is an addon for lightweight GUI for controlling change over time. Features support for curved keyframes, event triggers, video filmstrips, and audio waveforms. The extensible architecture

During summer of 2012 I'll be dedicating a three month residency at YCAM in Japan to building the timeline into a fully featured stand alone show control application as well as a robust openFrameworks extension.

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a project
Software design and ongoing development


Toolkit for Sensing People in Spaces

OpenTSPS is an application and code base for creating interactive software through computer vision. Designed for use in art, commercial, and educational environments. Intended to integrate with already existing platforms, openTSPS is currently compatible with openFrameworks, processing, Unity3d, Quartz Composer, MaxMSP, and PD.

Since it's release in early 2010 I've contributed software development, design recommendations, and 3rd party extensions.

OpenTSPS is used for video tracking aspects of Sniff, the Infiniti: Moments of Inspiration project, and the Forth commission.

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» master on github

november 2010


Video tracking plugin for Unity3d

This small project is an implementation of the OpenTSPS protocol for receiving people tracking data inside of Unity3d.

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» master on github

september 2010
a project
Project leader

Open/Public Lab

openFrameworks workshop @ the V&A

Hosted by Hellicar & Lewis, FlightPhase lead a two day intensive hands-on workshop exploring ideas for interactive projections in public. The workshop series was part of London Design week at the Victoria and Albert museum.

Our team consisted of seven outstanding and curious participants with a wide range of programming and design expertise. We presented paper prototyping methods, rapid development techniques, and engaged the visitors to the festival with a live interactive projection.

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openFrameworks add-ons

OpenSource for Interactive Motion Graphics

As FlightPhase works on installation projects we try to capture what we learn in the form of reusable code. By releasing it publicly without restrictions, we hope it can meaningful to others in their own projects. We also hope that any improvements may be returned to the community so that the collective knowledge and capabilities continue to grow together.

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june 2010


interactive spatiotemporal distortion engine

A small add-on for openFrameworks that allows of slit-scan like effects from any video source.

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